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 Always Made From Scratch


The chicken-verse is crowded, we get it. There are lots of options out there, but we feel pretty confident that your search for the perfect bird ends here at Waldo’s. Part of the fun is the search, but there’s nothing like finding your new go-to. Waldo’s Chicken & Beer is all about great chicken, cooked two ways: Southern Fried and Fire-Roasted. Paired with a scratch-made menu of Southern sides, delicious sauces and more and you’ll see why your search for great chicken led you to Waldo’s.

Our team starts every morning by prepping our entire menu from scratch. From our homemade sides to our sauces and dressings, everything we serve is made with our own signature recipes. Yep, everything.

We’re all about keeping things easy: delicious food, cold beer, good vibes. Our menu is straightforward: you can get chicken on the bone, on a bun, in a bowl or in a basket. Your pick (heads up: they’re all good). The sides are made fresh every day from tried-and-true family recipes. And you better believe the beer is always ice cold.

Our humble coop is no-frills, comfortable, and great for groups of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite at the bar or a lazy afternoon drinking on our patio (which is doggo-friendly by the way), we’ve got you covered. And with a dozen TVs, Waldo’s the perfect spot to gather with your crew and watch the game.

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Can’t Hide that Southern Fried

From brine to breading, our signature fried chicken is about as Southern as it gets. We start things off with an overnight pickle brine. That means super moist, flavor-packed chicken with a little kick. We then hand-bread every single piece by dipping it in buttermilk first and packing on a generous coating of our signature seasoned breading. All of that on a substantial portion of juicy bird produces the crunchiest, tastiest darn fried chicken you can find.


So fried chicken’s not your thing. Well, our fire-roasted chicken is so good you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the fried stuff. Whole chickens start with an overnight soak in our brown sugar brine. After brining, the chickens are coated with butter, garlic and parsley, then roasted to perfection, making a beautifully browned bird packed full of juicy flavor. Every serving is cut and pulled to order, so you get that just-of-the-fire flavor you’re not going to find anywhere else.

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Hey, we bet you like beer. Cool. We do, too. Well, Nashville and the Southeast brews some darn good beer, and there’s not much that goes better with chicken than a cold one.

We wanted a great beer selection that showcased some of the brews that are produced in the area, so we’ve stocked our bar a slew of our favorite local and regional canned craft beer. And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the hippest IPA on the market, we’ve got lots of the old standbys as well. In addition to our impressive selection of canned beer, Waldo’s also serves up a few select beers on draft, special canned wines, and signature cocktails made for kicking back with friends.

Brine & Dine

Brining is the key to moist, flavorful chicken. For you spring chickens, brine is a mixture of salt and water, usually seasoned with herbs and spices. The salt used in brine helps season the chicken, as well as pull in lots of moisture, which is the key to it all. With our fried chicken, we take things to a whole new level using a pickle brine. Not only does pickle juice add loads of flavor to our chicken, but the acidity tenderizes the meat, making it incredibly moist and wonderfully tender.

And just so you know: you found it. The fried chicken you’ve been searching for your whole entire life.